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A Summer of Khan

Updated: May 30, 2019

Gibson Families,

We have just been notified of a new FREE service provided by NWEA (MAP Testing) and the Kahn Academy. Theses two companies have joined forces to provide personalized learning tutorials for students. The NWEA MAPS assessment has recently been adopted by the Clark County School District for all students in grades K-9.

You can simply create an account at, enter your child’s MAP scores and an individualized learning progression will be set up for your child. It would be extremely beneficial for your student to practice math skills over the summer by spending 45 minutes a week (three 15 minute session a week) on this program. Not only can you access this wonderful program on your computer, but you can download a free Kahn Academy app for your cell phone or tablet device.

Many of our teachers have been having students work on this program during the school day. It provides a combination of online learning activities and video tutorials. If you haven’t heard about the Kahn Academy, we have attached a link that will provide you will a history of the company

We encourage you to have your child retain and sharpen their math skills on this program over the next few months!


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