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Be a part of something great! Parent and teacher involvement is key to our organization and your child's education. We welcome and value any suggestions and input you have. 


Please click on the PDF link, right HERE, for membership application.

President: Heather Vincent

Vice President: 

Secretary: Sherre Smith

Treasurer: Jillian Meuse

Fundraiser Chair: 


Events Coordinator: Heather Zeni

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General Email:


January 18th-19th: Peace Week

January 20th: Distance Learning class 2:00-3:00 pm

January 22nd: 100th day of School! Create your 100 year old self portrait & share on the PTO Facebook page!

January 25th-29th: Stem Challenge: SNOW!!

January 27th: Distance Learning class 2:00-3:00 pm

February 2nd: Groundhog Day

February 3rd: Distance Learning class 2:00-3:00 pm

February 4th: SOT/PTO meeting 2:20 pm

February 9th: National Pizza Day: What is your favorite pizza?

February 10th: No School

February 10th: Distance Learning class 2:00-3:00 pm

February 14th: Valentines Day

February 15th: No School

February 15th-19th: Stem Challenge: TBD

February 25th: National Pancake Day

March 1st-5th: Nevada Reading Week

March 3rd: SOT/PTO meeting 2:20 pm

March 15th-19th: Stem Challenge: TBD

March 17th: St Patrick's Day

March 19th: National Lets Laugh Day

March 29th-31st: Spring Break

April 1st-5th: Spring Break

April 7th: SOT/PTO meeting 2:20 pm - Nominations for PTO Board election open

April 7th: National Walk Day

April 12th-16th: Stem Challenge: TBD

April 16th: National Wear Your PJ's Day

April 22nd: Earth Day

April 26th-30th: Spring Week

May 3rd-7th: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th: National Star Wars Day

May 5th: National Bike to School Day

May 5th: SOT/PTO meeting 2:20 pm - PTO Board elections

May 10th: National Clean Your Room Day

May 10th-14th: Stem Challenge/Contest: TBD

May 14th: Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 26th: Last Day of School

June 2nd: SOT meeting tentative/ PTO change over meeting

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