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Claim Your Child’s $50 Nevada College Kick Start Scholarship Account Today!

Do you have a child who attended kindergarten at a public elementary school in Nevada between 2013 and 2020? Did you know that the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office has established a Nevada College Kick Start scholarship account and contributed $50 on the child’s behalf?

Why? Research has shown that kids who have a college savings account are up to four times more likely to attend college and three times more likely to graduate!

Claim your child’s Kick Start account today by visiting:

For more information about the Nevada College Kick Start program, please email us at or call us directly at 702-486-4141.

The Nevada College Kick Start Program is administered by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office, College Savings Division. The College Savings Division offers several programs that help Nevada families plan, save and pay for higher education expenses. Visit to learn more.


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