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FACES Distance Learning Videos

As you already know, FACES has been producing short YouTube videos in an effort to provide parents strategies to support distance education. You can see a full list of the videos available here.

As of today, we have released a few new and/or updated videos on the topic of MATH. We had a few thousand parents request these topics through our survey this year, so we know there is a need! Please share these with your school communities to spread the word.

Winter Math

Winter is a “cool” season for indoor and outdoor math activities. This video shares websites, literature, and games families can use with their preschool-aged children during the winter months and beyond.

Mathematics Matters for Families (Part 1-3)

Mathematics is everywhere, and all students can achieve success with support! This video series shares brain-friendly learning strategies, conversation questions, practice websites, math literature, and fun games for elementary families.

Multiplying Family Fun: Beginning Multiplication Strategies (Part 1 & 2)

The Multiplying Family Fun video series shares interactive strategies, resources, and tools to help children learn basic multiplication facts. Watch and learn different ways children explain their thinking using objects, numbers, words, and pictures!


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