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FREE Food!!! @ The Culinary Institute (North Las Vegas)

A local emergency food assistance program that’s run by the Las Vegas Culinary Academy in North Las Vegas has a huge surplus of available food that was made available through a number of very large anonymous charitable donations to the Academy. The program was originally established to provide emergency food assistance for displaced members of the Culinary Union. However, due to the large amount of food that is available, the program is now open to all Clark County residents who are in need of food assistance. The only criteria is that you be a resident of Clark County. All you have to do is call 702-227-8842 or go to (, answer a few questions (name, address, telephone number, name on ID, email address, zip code, household size, etc.) pick a day and time to go pick up your food, get your order confirmation number for pickup, and go an get it. Food pick up times are currently Monday through Thursday from 7AM to 12:30 PM at the culinary Academy. Picking up food on behalf of other people is allowed. The person picking up the food will simply have to show the ID of the people that they are picking up food for. The pickup address is The Las Vegas Culinary Academy 710 W. Lake Mead Blvd, NLV, 89030. Seniors (60 and over) are eligible for free food delivery. Each order consists of 40 pounds of food and you can order as often as you like. A typical food order consists of meat, rice, beans, pasta, onions, fruits and other veggies. Nothing is cooked and the meat is frozen. Lastly, you can pick up as often as you want, no limits. The program will end on 12/31 or until all the program's funds have been depleted. Feel free to share this information with any family members or friends who may benefit from this food assistance program. Call that number or do it online. Thank you,

Title I HOPEHomeless Outreach Program for Education Ph: (702) 855-6682 Fax: (702) 855-6667 Title I HOPE Google Site for CCSD Personnel: Title I HOPE Website:


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