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Stay at Home 2.0

Gibson Families,

We hope you enjoyed Veteran’s Day with your family.  As many of you are aware, Governor Sisolak announced the Stay at Home 2.0 order on 11/10 .  As a result, on 11/11 Dr. Jara made the announcement that our teachers will be working from home for the next few weeks.  We will make every effort to keep things as consistent as possible for your children during this time.  However, many teachers may not have the same technology, dual computer access, and/or  internet connectivity at home as they do at our school.

Your teacher will be in contact with you if adjustments to the instructional schedule are required, but know that we will provide the all required elements of Distance Learning (60 minutes of instruction for grades K-2 and 90 minutes of instruction for grades 3-5).  Gibson Teachers have been going above and beyond these expectations each day and I am sure will strive to keep things as consistent as possible during this time. Please remember to have your child complete the following activities each day;

      Read for 30 minutes and take AR Quizzes

      Khan Math for 20 minutes

      Khan Literacy (3-5) or Smarty Ants (K-2) for 20 minutes

Food Services will continue to provide meals each day to our families.  Please use the drive by service during our telework status.  I am sure that your teachers will be communicating with you soon, but please know you can call the office during normal business hours as our calls will be forwarded.

Please see the following message from our District Leadership regarding the Hybrid/Distance Learning Survey:

In an effort to provide additional time for parents/guardians to make decisions regarding the cohort selection(s) for their student(s) within the hybrid instructional model, the Hybrid Cohort Questionnaire located at will remain open through November 20, 2020, until 5:00 p.m. If a parent/guardian wants to change their selection, parents/guardians may submit a second response that will replace their first response beginning on November 11, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. Parents/guardians may only resubmit their response one time through November 20, 2020, until 5:00 p.m. The final cohort selection for every student is required by November 20, 2020, to promote the planning and preparation for the potential of implementing the hybrid instructional model. If you have any questions, please contact the school at (insert school phone number).

En un esfuerzo por proporcionar tiempo adicional para que los padres/tutores puedan tomar decisiones con respecto a la selección del grupo (cohort) para su(s) estudiante(s) dentro del modelo híbrido de instrucción, el Cuestionario de Grupo (Cohort) Híbrido que está localizado en continuará abierto hasta el 20 de noviembre de 2020 hasta las 5 p.m. Si los padres/tutores quieren cambiar su selección original, los padres/tutores podrán presentar una segunda respuesta a partir del 11 de noviembre de 2020 a las 8 a.m. la cual reemplazará su primera respuesta. Los padres/tutores sólo podrán presentar su respuesta otra vez hasta el 20 de noviembre de 2020 hasta las 5 p.m. y sólo podrán hacerlo una vez. La selección final de grupo para cada estudiante se requiere para el 20 de noviembre de 2020 para promover la planeación y preparación para la potencial implementación del modelo híbrido de instrucción. Si tiene preguntas, por favor comuníquese con su escuela al (insert school phone number).

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