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Weekly Update Week of May 5th


Happy Monday Gibson Goldminers,

What a special week this is!  It is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Please be sure to let your teachers know how much they are appreciated, not only at this time, but all year.  Each day during school closures I am truly amazed at the commitment and dedication our Gibson Teachers demonstrate to our community.  Planning lessons, Google Meets, Phone Calls, Visits, all in a day's work. As parents, we are all doing our best at the new Distance Learning Requirements, imagine doing this not only for your own children, but 30 others!!  Gibson Teachers have truly risen to the occasion and I am so proud of their efforts in putting children first! 

As a reminder, registration for the 2020-21 school year is currently open.  All families who have completed their online registration by Friday, May 8th will have the opportunity to request a teacher for the upcoming year (instruction will be shared next week).  The information for registration is attached to this message. 

This week’s Distance Learning Packets are located HERE, and also have some wonderful lessons from our specialists this week.  Mrs. Goodman has created a wonderful message on Hope that is linked to our Gibson Website that you can find HERE.  Also on the website is a link to Ms. Burton’s Nevada Young Readers survey HERE.  Please take a moment to vote on your favorite book for the year:

Library Lessons:

NV Young Reader Voting Form:

Coach Hallett has an exciting week planned, be sure to look for the Super Hero Day and a relaxing Yoga Day! 

Ms. VanSuch has another great week of Arts, I wonder what Wild Card Week is all about?!?!?  her link is listed below:

A Daily Instructional Guide for Students and Families has been created by the District and is attached to the Gibson website. You will find our teacher’s weekly activities align with this guide. The purpose of this guide is to extend students’ learning opportunities beyond the instruction facilitated by the teacher and to offer a structure for students and families for learning through distance education. Extended Learning Activities offer students further learning opportunities and access to digital platforms with content in English language arts and mathematics to promote students’ mastery of the learning standards. Furthermore, Wellness Activities promote students’ well being during school closures. Please click the link for the guide located at

We would like to give a should out to our Top Readers for the Month of April.  The following students made their Monthly AR Reading Goal:


Stevenson: Kegan B., McKenna D.,  Risha P.

First Grade: 

Matanane’s Dragons-Colton A., Adriano A., Olivia C., Matthew D., Andrew D., Xian F., Cloe’G., Armando M.,Jake M., Brogan O., Lenni P., Juliauna R., Levi S., Malakai S., Rori S.,Lily V., Eli Z., +17/19 !  ALL original classmates read over 200 books this year!

Bisbal: Kuinton B., Giselle F., Ellie G., Yazmeen I., Faith K., Logan N.,  Thanakon P., Julian R., Isis R., Keoni S., Henry S., Aylin Z

J. Weber: Gemma A., Miylah B., Liam B., Jaxsen E., Daniel G., Renee L., Gabriela L., Ridley M., Hudson M., Jace N., Nathan P., Seamus R., Tara R., Nicolas S., Liam W.

Daniels: Isaac C., Bryson C., Zoey F., Sofia G., Oliver H., Eribella H., Olivia K., Sheyanne L., Jayson L., Jack M., Sophia R., Karam R., Denzel S. Eleanor T.

Second Grade: 

Damole:   Wyatt C., Samantha T., Lily P., Bailey O., Jaxen G., Donald E., Daniel E.,

White: Zayvion A., Nolan C., Gracie D., Jordan G., Tiffany H., Allaysia N., Triston N., Corbin R., Cruz S., Kamryn S., Ava T.

Novak: Makayla C., Morgan F., Landon F., Ryker G., Rose H., Leo I., Treyshon J., Julianna L., Rachel M., Torin N., Leilah R., Ayva R., Luka V., Ethan W., Xavier P.

Third Grade:   

Vidacic: Neveah P., Ryan M., Archer S., Madison M., Madeline S., Grace N., Aria M., Esmeralda R., Shane M., Enzo C., Aubrey Y.,Tyler L., Jullian S., Bella S., LaZarus A. 

Doty:Daishirelyn A., Charlotte C., Hayden D., Benji H., Andre I.,Alexis R., Angel T., Brad V., Roble Z.

Filipovich: Amelia A., Jackson B., Evelyn B., Giovanni C., Anna C., London E., Ella K.,

Gabriel K., Alyssa L., Alexander M., Layla M. Saiphapon P., Rylan R., Dominic S., Jackson T., Jesse W., Greysen W., Nolan W.

Hyde: Kali A., Hannah B., Teghan B., Declin C., Elliot C., Ava G., John G., Stella H., Janelle M., Nyla R., Vlas S., Mathias S., Jackson V.

Fourth Grade:

The Bergquist Bunch: Vidal A., Caleb A., Will F., Brittany R., Natalee W.

Weber R: Juliet S., Emmanuel S., Jacob E., Aiden H., Natalie C., Isabella V., Reese R., Annabelle N., Isaias G., Evan H., Sydney B., Jayden P., Ethan C., Santino L., Rylee G., Sophia V., Xiomara C., Xavier S., Ariah G., Sean R., Femi D., Terra S., Alexis O.

Jorjorian: Ace D., EJ E., Genesis G., Gus H., Sabrina H. Jonah L., Jacob M., Roman M., Kailer P., Chantal S. and Chase E. and Alice N were super close!

Fifth Grade: 

Chaney: Jonathan B., Kaden E., Ryker E., Timothy F., Xochilt L., Rhett M., Cole M., Braydon N., Paloma P., Justine R., Evelyn R., Jeiden R., Gabriella T., Ally T., Yailene V., Mila V.   

French: Cheri H., Lexi M., Chloie G., Chelsea S.

Schlaffman: Shawn B., Jack C, Madison C, Isabel D, Felix E, Haile E, Nathaniel F, Reign F, Tallin G, David, Jacob M. Brooklin R.

Parents, we can not begin to stress the importance of DAILY READING.  Please be sure your child reads every day.  Ask them to tell you about what they read each day, create a list of  new words they encounter, share about a favorite character, or find any other way to share and get excited about what they are reading. If you show an interest in what they are reading, the excitement will grow! 

Friday evening, Dr. Jara released the Reopening CCSD Phase One Plan.  We are all excited to get back to our buildings while ensuring the safety of all employees and families at this time.  Once our State has reached established criteria to proceed with Phase 1 we will begin our On Site School Closure/End of Year Procedures.  Our teachers & staff will be collecting all student materials (items from the classroom, school pictures, school shirts, ducks, etc.) once we are permitted back into buildings.  We will then share a “Distribution Drive Up Day” where you will drive through our parking lot, return school property (Library and World Series Books), pick up your child’s materials, see your teachers and say goodbye for the summer.  All students who have been issued a chromebook will be able to keep the device through the rest of the summer.  Fifth graders will return their device to Greenspun at the start of the next school year.  We ask that only students moving out of zone return devices during this pick up day.  More details will follow, but we wanted to assure our community that we have a plan in place. 

Last week CCSD announced that Extended School Year (ESY) In accordance with the current guidelines that school closures are extended through the remainder of the school year, the Student Services Division in consultation with the Office of General Counsel has determined that the 2020 ESY will be provided through distance education due to COVID-19. In regards to class sizes, the District will adhere to the Nevada Administrative Code 388.150. As such, requirements for licensed teacher(s) and support professional(s) per each classroom, in addition to the Individualized Education Program mandated personnel support will be utilized.

We hope you have a wonderful week, stay safe, stay healthy!

The Gibson Team


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