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Winterfest Celebration & Sleep

Greetings Gibson Families -

We hope this message finds you well. We would like to thank all of the families who joined us for last night's School Organization Team meeting.  Notes from the meeting will be posted on our website shortly.  Please be sure to check them out! 

Every Winter, our school hosts a Winterfest Celebration. Sadly, this year, we will not be able to host an in person event. Luckily, we have worked with our community partners and we are excited to introduce our At Home Socially Distanced Winterfest!  We will be hosting a paint your own ornament at home event.  We have attached a flyer with pricing and details.  Our school receives a $2 donation from each ornament sold.  These funds will be used to pay for our Fifth Grade Legacy Wall. 

Each week, we will bring you a topic that will assist you in making Distance Education work for your child. Most of what we share with you is from “The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your child’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Development in Any Setting” by Wiseman, Fisher, Frey and Hattie. This week we will focus on ensuring that your child gets an adequate amount of sleep. 

Sleep is important! It is as important as food, shelter and safety.  There is evidence that a lack of sleep may contribute to behavior problems, mood disturbances, emotional instability and even obesity.  In fact, a lack of sleep is one of the few things that has a negative impact on learning in educational research.

When considering that elementary age children require 9 - 11 hours of sleep (see attached chart from the Sleep Foundation), this means Gibson students should be in bed between 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm if they wake up at 7am.  Sleep routines are especially important. We recommend that families create an evening routine. Ensure that the TV, cell phones, computers and all other electronic devices are shut off at least one hour before bedtime. Blue light from these devices can be stimulating to our brains and keep us up later.  Some families even collect devices until the following morning.

If your child is not getting enough sleep, experts suggest a 10 day plan to improve this. It is not reasonable to suddenly change the bedtime dramatically, as your child will most likely lie in bed awake. The ideal way to adjust betimes is to determine the difference between the suggested bedtime and current bedtime (ie: 8pm vs 10pm). That equates to 120 minutes.  Divide this by 10 and move your child’s bedtime earlier by that amount each night (ie: 12 minutes a day).

Sleep is an important yet often overlooked aspect of education. Children who do not get sufficient sleep learn less.  Please keep these important ideas in mind;

* Sleep impact learning

* Establish nighttime routines and bedtimes (and stick to them)

* Avoid electronics that emit blue light one hour before bedtime

Educationally yours,

The Gibson Team

Please see the following message sent from the District:


As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 health data, the District must proactively develop a plan to transition to the hybrid instructional model, while maintaining all health and safety protocols. At this time, we do not know when the hybrid instructional model will be implemented. Please answer the short questionnaire at by November 9, 2020, for the cohort selection(s) for your children. If the District transitions to the hybrid instructional model, this information will guide the District's implementation of the proposed transition to the hybrid instructional model. Thank you for your assistance.


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