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Goodnight Gibson

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Children Make Terrible Pets

Read by: Ms. Cheney

The Crayon Box That Talks

Read by: Ms. Helmink


Read by: Ms. Vidacic

Rot The Cutest In The World

Read by: Ms. Matanane

Tough Boris

Read by: Ms. Burton

Hooray for You!

Read by: Principal Ryerson

Where The Wild Things Are

Read by: Coach Hallett

The Relatives Came

Ready by: Ms. Jorjorian

Here Comes the Strikeout

Ready by: Ms. Bisbal

Bee Me

Ready by: Ms. Bergquist

Alice in Wonderland

Ready by: Ms. Chow

Ladybug Girl

Ready by: Ms. Burton

I Am The Dog I Am The Cat

Read by: Ms. Burton

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